Star Girl

My oil paintings "Star Girl" and "Star Girl Training" are an ongoing series where I look into the themes of proceeding on the path to enlightenment. The Star Girl has her origins in several different threads - the dakinis (sky dancers) of eastern religions, angels of western religions, and the Star card of the Tarot deck. It is also a depiction of sacred feminine energy.


In the oil painting "Star Girl," ( 40" x 30" ) she is looking to her guiding star. In her hands she is holding a stellated dodecahedron (a 12 sided Platonic solid that represented "spirit" to the ancient Greeks) that extends its planes to form a star, as discovered by Johan Kepler.


In the oil painting "Star Girl Training," ( 30" x 40" ) several star girls are in the process of learning to fly - racing up their teacher's arm (see details of painting as it was in progress.) They are overlooked by the benevolent gaze of their teacher, who holds her hand out in case they should fall.


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