Call for art and writings.  Join us. Eroticize Equality.

PE is erotica based on equality and mutual respect, and related lifestyle articles.

Progressive Erotica is:

  • Artistic, stimulating and sexy.
  • Original content that is frisky, egalitarian, respectful, savory, compelling, hopeful, healthy, new, beautiful, ideal, and of course, happy.
  • Articles are about erotica, or explore issues surrounding erotica, but they are not actually erotic.  Articles allow for comments.

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Publication Guidelines:

We welcome high quality contributions that represent living Happy + Sexy.  You are giving us an irrevocable non-exclusive license, which means you own the work and can do with it as you please, including giving PE permission to post the content on our site.  Please see our Terms of Service.

Editors will vote your work as either:

Permitted: You will receive an email with a link to your published piece;

Sticky: You will receive editorial suggestions or requests to better meet the mission or guidelines, your material will return to the Draft state for you to edit and re-permit; or

Not Permitted: The piece significantly fails to meet the mission and culture; you will not be able to edit it.


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Explicit Content:

Artists permitting graphic content (still or moving images) that contains explicit content are required to comply with USC Title 18 §2257 Record Keeping Requirements to ensure that all assisting or performing humans are adults.  See the Sexually Explicit Conduct Questionnaire for help determining if these laws apply to you.

Model releases

We strongly recommend all models sign a release form. Example Progressive Model Release Form.

Documentation and sources

All fruit comes from a seed.  Documentation shows respect for your source, your audience and it creates credibility.  Finding and referencing your sources will help you fact-check and ensure a higher level of accuracy.  This is called verifiability and promotes authenticity.  Please document where your seeds came from.

Ex: Article X, written by Person Y, which you found in Magazine Z. 

Cite the title as text so that someone could still search for it if the link breaks.  

Ex. "I read this book" becomes "I read Chalice and the Blade by Riane Ensler".

Participation Guidelines:

Consider using gender neutral pronouns and accessible language (explain concepts, slang or lingo).

Be kind. It is difficult and brave to be open and honest about sexuality.  Your audience may have a trauma background; only include violent material to the extent necessary to communicate your point. 

Permission based boundaries includes using pseudonyms rather than anyone's name or identifiable information.

Address what's said instead of the person saying it.

Be thoughtful and respectful.  Express yourself in a positive, constructive way. This is especially true if you feel angry, hurt or offended.

About our editorial process:

When a new piece of content is marked Permission Requested by a contributor, Editors receive an email with a link to View & Vote.  At the end of one week, if the Editors agree the piece is Permitted, the contributor is notified immediately with a link to their published erotica. For Sticky votes managing staff will assemble the discussion into viable suggestions for improvement and return the material to a Draft state for the contributor to edit and re-permit the piece.  A piece marked Not Permitted can no longer be edited by the contributor.  The voting process, including votes and commentary, is only visible to the Editors.

Exit Strategy:

We have a culture of dialogue and constructive communication. Staff reserves the right to inactivate the role privileges and responsibilities of a Member, Facilitator or Editor for behavior that is contradictory to the mission and culture of Progressive Erotica dot com.

Any member can inactivate their account or role at any time.


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