More than role reversal, more than prosexual or sex-positive

I tend to think about erotic equality in terms of balance.  Role reversal is one form of balance; balancing power, balancing opportunity of expression.  But for me, role reversal is still an either/or formula that doesn't meet my needs. 

Prosexuality is a great movement, especially for North American European culture.  I'm a firm believer that shame and guilt have very limited utility, and that radical honesty involves learning to be prosexual.  But, for me, the prosexual crowd's usual antipathy for monogamy leaves me out.

The sex-positive movement is similar in terms of an either/or battle; set up between kink and other. 

When you look for sex-positive, prosexual concepts that embrace coupledom, especially heterosexual coupledom, then you end up with a page of results for Christians.

Where do the non-religious serial monogamists go for sex-positive, prosexual imagery and lifestyle?  Is progressive erotica a tribe that includes all of the above?  Is there a group of folks out there looking for erotic equality?

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