Eroticize (the pursuit of) Equality

Gloria Steinem

In a recent interview, Gloria Steinem is quoted as saying, "We need to eroticize equality."

Now this is pretty hefty.  Gloria Steinem has been an activist for women's rights and equality for over 40 years.

As it turns out, a very similar missive was issued a year earlier at the Love as the Practice of Freedom conference, the first national meeting devoted to romance fiction and American culture.  Several speakers juggled this idea around along with the attendees to come up with a plan for action.  In order to eroticize equality, we may need to back the train up and start with eroticizing the pursuit of equality.

In Hillary Rettig's Huffington Post article, The Eroticization of Equality and Social Justice May 11, 2009:

[...] According to historian Stephanie Coontz, a leading historian of marriage and family relationships who also spoke at the conference, egalitarian partnerships tend to be the happiest, but also tend to lack sexual spark. "The question," she said, "is how to eroticize equality." Conference speakers wrestled with that toughie, with mixed results, until Guy Mark Foster, an assistant professor of African American studies at Bowdoin College who studies biracial romances, took the point:

"What we need to eroticize is the pursuit of equality." [...]

Join us in eroticizing equality!

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