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Making change

Combahee River Collective Statement (1977)

The changing ways of change

The Anti-Exploits of Men Against Sexism

Men Against Sexism

"Only by rooting out internalized sexism would men treat one another with respect."

Anti-Exploits of Men Against Sexism by Ed Mead, Revolutionary Rumors PRESS

Tantric Healing Through Psychedelics

When it comes to the human experience few things are as alchemically powerful as sex and the ingestion of entheogenic substances.  The combination of these two is like adding rocket fuel to the body electric. Used safely, it can blast you to luminous stratospheres of healing, intimacy, ecstatic states of consciousness, and yes, heart-opening, body-quaking orgasms.  Used recklessly, you can end up damaging your energy field.  We’d like to share our journey into this controversial subject.

Nice guys finish ... in the shower?

When I am single, I get told that a "nice guy" like me isn't attractive to women. A lot.

Most of my life I am happy and active, with (too) many projects, and, at times, great relationships. But at other times, between intimate relationships, I can feel lonely and depressed. It is at these times that I have been tempted to believe the people who tell me that I am a single "nice guy" because women choose "bad boys."